About myself

I have been in the care of Kerry Mental Health Services, which is an arm of the HSE in Ireland, since 2014.

Since then, I have been encountered quite an amount of difficulties.

But on May 23, 2020 I decided to commit to a twice-daily meditation practice, and things have been improving at a significant rate since then.

The meditation is overcoming one issue after another, I have noticed, since I commenced on this meditation routine.

By writing this report for you on a weekly basis, I hope to help those who have the misfortune of being afflicted with this terrible condition, or any other form of mental illness, for that matter.

My fiancé, Sun Kongkham, lives in Laos PDR and looks after our son there. Sun has been instrumental in my establishing this twice-daily routine.

I remember Sun telling me one day when she was by my side that meditation can solve all problems.

I have noticed that when I miss or forget to meditate at the usual time, I feel it straight away.

My body and mind at this point are heavily dependent on my meditation practice.

One missed session, and I feel it straight away.

I am beginning to believe that if I maintain this regular twice-daily practice of meditation, I will eventually overcome this terrible affliction known as Schizophrenia.

Read on to see how I am overcoming the illness known Schizophrenia.