Bitcoin and Schizophrenia; and the gift of meditation

Bitcoin and Schizophrenia; and the gift of meditation

Why Bitcoin's recent price drop means nothing in the larger scheme of things

The Bitcoin price is down around 33% compared to a couple of weeks ago.

Bitcoin's price may go down, but it will not remain down for long, I expect.

And as the man says, Bitcoin will always be a bargain as long as there is a price for it.

As long as a price for bitcoin exists, it will be good value.

Bitcoin and Schizophrenia

Bitcoin is going to blow a hole a mile wide in the theory of Schizophrenia. That's my 5o cents.

Why is this? Well, because schizophrenia has certain dependencies. One of these  is government.

And as I have eschewed before, Schizophrenia needs government and the rule of law in order to exist and survive.

Bitcoin is going to make the idea of government defunct.

And without government, there will be no schizophrenia.

Why CGT is impeding Bitcoin's progress

Bitcoin would be worth much more today were it not for Capital Gains Tax, or CGT for short.

Because when investors think about bitcoin, they must also consider CGT.

Capital Gains Tax occurs when a profit is made on an investment. CGT in Ireland is 33% of that profit.

So for a bitcoin investor, the profit he/she makes will be taxed at 33%. So that means that he will only be left with 67% of his profits after tax has been deducted.

I like to say to people who are considering investing in Bitcoin that you don't get in to Bitcoin in order to make a profit.

You don't get in to Bitcoin to sell it for a profit.

Rather, you get into Bitcoin to spend it.

And this 33% Capital Gains Tax is hefty enough to deter a significant number of investors out there who are looking at Bitcoin as an investment.

How my mental health has improved since I realised something about my father

I have made a significant amount of progress through the meditation I have been practicing recently.

It has to do with my father, and how he genuinely has the best of intentions for me.

I started a discussion with one of the nurses here and he advised me to put whatever negative experiences I had with my father behind me.

Indeed, this advise does not necessarily only apply to my relationship with my father; it also has similar ramifications for all of my relationships - to just put the hurtful or harmful experiences behind me.

And that is what I have resolved to do.

I have resolved to put my collective negative experiences with my father, and how he sometimes seems to disrespect me, behind me, and just 'let bygones be bygones' as my mother once advised me.

Dad was always advising me that when someone hurts me to just smile.

My relationship with my father, mother and brother have entered a completely new era as a result of applying this to my life.

I have received this advice before but unfortunately I could never seem to process it or make sense of it.

Only with my regular meditation practice have I been able to assimilate and apply this advice.

My one year anniversary of starting a twice-daily meditation routine occurs in three days time, and I will be posting in the Ziva meditation community on Facebook to celebrate this.

With the improvement in my relationship with my father, my concentration has also improvement.

I find it easier to pay attention when I am reading something or listening to a youtube video or podcast.

I am taking things in and it feels really and truly that I have turned a corner since commencing on this twice-daily meditation routine.

I have even started reading a book called 'Mind Full' by Dermot Whelan. It is about a radio presenter who started to meditate and I'll be talking more about this book next week.