Bitcoin is the money of the future - fact

I am a firm believer in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

This is not merely because I am an investor. I believe Crypto will genuinely make the world a better place. So for all those who, in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic, are not inclined to look towards the future with optimism and hope - think Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

You see, the system as it stands today has an awful lot wrong with it.

The system is centrally controlled.

That means that those closest to the money spigot - the bankers and elites - receive favorable treatment when it comes to money and finances.

But, as the GameStop and Wallstreetbets story this week shows, the little guys, when united, carry a fair amount of clout and have the power to transform society and ways previously thought unimaginable.

And that is what is happening with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

From now on, it doesn't matter what anybody says or does, Bitcoin will be Bitcoin and Crypto will be Crypto.

As John McAfee said in a speech I saw on youtube a few years ago, 'the genie is out of the bottle' with regard to Crypto and there is no way of putting it back into the bottle.

He means to say that there is no way of stopping Crypto. I am also of that belief.

Bitcoin is the money of the future and there is no way of stopping it, a fact that many regulators and legislators across the globe would do well to take stock of.

Because Bitcoin's code is open-source and, if you look at the history of open-source programming and coding, open always wins.

Bitcoin is the money of the future, among many other things, and we need to plan for that now.