The true rate of inflation; how a twice-daily meditation practice is changing my life; and why Bitcoin cannot be stopped

Inflation is getting out of control

Last week I walked over to Bowler's filling station near my flat and noticed something. The price of my regular bag of crisps has jumped from €2 to €3.15. That happened in the space of about two weeks. So in approximately two weeks, the price of my favorite bag of crisps increased by over 50%.

The above story is a sign of how fast prices are rising in this part of the world.

The published rate of inflation is somewhere between one and two percent. Yet my bag of crisps went up by over 50% in the space of two weeks.

1-2% my arse, I say!

How meditation can change lives

I've been meditating twice-daily for 20 mins each time since May 23, 2020. And the results are beginning to show.

A week or two ago I noticed something that brightened my mood.

My friend Dan brought up the subject of cannabis and how much he would love to be smoking a joint (a rollie with cannabis mixed in with the tobacco). I replied by telling him that were he to offer me a joint this minute, I would probably say no.

My daily cravings for cannabis seem to have withered away also.

Then I began to ponder, what could my 'no-cravings' of cannabis be down to?

Well, it could only be down to one thing, and that one thing is my twice-daily meditation routine.

I first started to practice meditation in 2005, but didn't really get into a twice-daily routine, with no days missed, back then.

It was only when I paid $199 to receive meditation tuition in video format from Emily Fletcher at that I began a twice-daily practice. This was in May of last year, 2020.

You see, it must be twice-daily, non-negotiable. 'Non-negotiable' is the exact phrase used by Emily Fletcher in her video training.

No matter what the circumstances, you've gotta get in two meditations every day, morning and evening.

And now I am starting to see the real benefits of this practice.

My ultimate goal with meditation at the moment is to rid myself of this so-called 'mental illness' label that I have been daubed with by psychiatry.

I regularly talk with Sun, my fiance, about meditation and what has become clear to me from these discussions is that regular twice-daily meditation has the power to solve all problems, the power to cure all ailments known to mankind given time.

So I am meditating now with a view to curing my mental illness. That is and always has been my goal when it comes to meditation. It is more than likely the reason why I first decided to give meditation a try.

At that time in 2005, I was having thoughts of self-harm and even suicide. I can remember posting on the forum saying that I felt like doing away with myself. A number of people came to my rescue on that forum that same evening.

In those days suicide wasn't as common as it is today. Nowadays suicide and self-harm are so common people hardly take any notice. But in 2005 it was a big deal to commit suicide. That was over 15 years ago, hard to believe all that time has passed.

I am a firm believer that meditation is the only cure for thoughts of self-harm or suicide. It is meditation that got me through that period and thankfully I didn't need to get psychiatric medication in the form of anti-depressants for my depression. I found the gift of meditation and it pulled me through.

The site where I learned meditation back then was I no longer use that site since I found, which seems to be slightly better than

Ziva meditation is run by an American, Emily Fletcher, who learned meditation during her time in India, over ten years ago now. The lessons provided there cleared up some of the confusion I had in my mind about meditation. She distills the teaching into bite-size chunks of one 15 minute video lesson per day. after 15 days you'll have received the entire course. feels a little convoluted and confusing. They use words there that are difficult for a westerner like me to understand.

Ziva meditation is much clearer and more straight-forward. And they've got a Facebook group where you can have all of your questions about meditation answered.

When I get the money together, I plan on doing the Moving into Mastery course. It think it costs around $3,500 or so, but is well regarded by those who've participated in it.

Why Bitcoin is unstoppable

There are reasons why Bitcoin is unstoppable.

One of them is to do with the nature of the Bitcoin futures market.

The nature of the Bitcoin futures market, which was established in late 2017, means that the price of Bitcoin cannot be prevented from rising with futures and options.

Bitcoin is not like silver where it's price can be controlled using options and futures by the big banks in America.

The question is, can the price of Bitcoin be manipulated and controlled by the big banks like what is happening to silver at the moment?

I have been pondering this question for months at this stage and here is my conclusion.

Bitcoins price cannot be controlled and manipulated to the same extent that is happening in the silver market.

The explanation for this is quite simple. With silver, the holders of long positions do not stand for delivery. Instead, the longs either roll forward their positions or they settle in cash.

With Bitcoin, however, the longs do stand for delivery and do not settle in cash. This is precisely the reason why Bitcoin's price continues to rise in spite of the fact that a futures market exists in Bitcoin.

In contrast, the silver price doesn't really seem to be going anywhere; this fact is made clear when you consider its all time price highs in 1980 and 2011 of $50. Silver today priced at $26 is almost 50% off all-time highs.

For us Bitcoin hodlers (no spelling mistake), lets just hope that investors continue to not roll forward their positions and to not settle in cash i.e. that they continue to stand for delivery.

With regard to Silver, if investors were simply to stand for delivery at the end of each options-expiration period, it would force the silver price much higher. Alas, they do not seem to be doing that and hence we have the present circumstances in the silver market.

I continue to hodl (hold on for dear life) Bitcoin and accumulate physical silver.