My experiences with Btcpayserver; why I don't believe conspiracy theories about 'The Elite'; My former best friend from school won't accept my friend request

My experiences with Btcpayserver; why I don't believe conspiracy theories about 'The Elite'; My former best friend from school won't accept my friend request

My experiences with Btcpayserver

I have been searching the internet for some time for ways to incorporate a 'Donate Bitcoin' button on my site.

Every time I searched on google up came btcpayserver in third or fourth place.

I used to overlook btcpayserver due to the fact that I had already visited the website and tried and failed to understand the material on there.

Eventually, due to the fact that there was simply no alternative, I clicked on one last time.

After a few minutes of reading the website I noticed that there was a 'chat' function available at So I clicked on the 'chat' button and it brought up something interesting.

I could see a 'support' option in the menu on the left-hand side so I clicked on that.

Then I entered my support query and someone came quite quickly to attend. I received a response within 5 minutes. After having my first few queries answered, I was directed to There is some reading to be done at this link but not an enormous amount.

When you opt for btcpayserver, there are no fees. By contrast, when you go with a provider such as bitpay, you are charged 1% + a certain amount in foreign exchange fees/spread.

With btcpayserver, there is no middleman. Btcpayserver also enhances privacy due to the fact the addresses are not reused.

Btcpayserver incorporates the lightning network and lightning payments. This means that transactions are fast and cheap. It is well known that the lightning network offers much faster and cheaper transactions when compared to the main bitcoin network.

Eventually, I managed to get btcpayserver up and running on my website by following the instructions here

This is what I am presented with after following the instructions linked to above.

There are 6 options across the top of the page - server settings, stores, apps, wallets, invoices, and payment requests.

First you need to set up a store, then a wallet. And after that you copy and paste the code into your website back-end, which in my case is the 'code injection' section of the 'donate' page on my website.

So that is it, from now on I am able to accept donations on

Actually, there is one thing left to do.

And that is to set up Lightning.

Lightning Network brings cheap and fast transactions to the bitcoin network. I followed the instructions here and ended up with this:

Ride The Lightning (RTL) happens to be a Lightning Network wallet/node. It runs in the browser and has a number of settings that need to be configured.

I'm not clear on the settings just at the moment so I decided to post again to the Lightning section of, asking for help in setting up RTL.

Will keep you updated on what happens next.

Why I don't believe in conspiracy theories about 'The Elite'

I am not personally a big believer in conspiracy theories.

Into my inbox came an email this morning for Chief Conspiracy Theorist himself, Jeff Berwick. Jeff describes himself as an 'Anarcho-capitalist' and freedom fighter.

Among many of his conspiracy theories, Berwick believes that Covid-19, similar to 9/11, is an inside job. By that I mean that it was set up and is being led by the elites. Some names that he regularly mentions are Bill Gates and George Soros.

Berwick maintains that Covid-19 was created deliberately to 'kill off' as many people on this planet as possible.

He says that their reasoning is that they are evil and that the elites do not like mankind at all.

Here is what he says today about 'the elites' in a video which I saw on

  • "Covid is basically a grand genocide"
  • "Everything they do is fear-based"
  • "They use dogma and religion to keep you away from God"
  • "You will own nothing and be happy"
  • "We will establish a money system that will imprison them forever"

I do not see things this way.

Basically, the way I see it, Covid-19 is like a small snowball rolling down the that has turned into a giant avalanche.

It really took off when President Trump in Washington DC described Covid-19 as a 'global pandemic'. That was March 11, 2020.

Now, more than one year on, they are in the process of injecting the entire human population on planet Earth with vaccines.

Covid-19 is something that is going from one stage to another.

The politicians always seek to err on the side of caution. No politician wants to be blamed from being irresponsible and needlessly causing the deaths of thousands or millions of people.

So they introduce every precaution imaginable, even going so far as to enshrine them into law, with large fines and even jail time for non-compliance.

I decided against receiving the vaccination personally and if I feel unwell I will go to the local health food store and buy me a  bottle of Echinacea.

If symptoms persist after a few days, I will get in touch with my naturopath and let her take it from there.

I genuinely do not have any faith in modern medicine and this is not down to some kind of crazy conspiracy theory about the elites or something like that.

I firmly believe that everybody on this planet has the best of intentions and that there is no overall plan to get rid of 90% of the world's population.

Like the snowball rolling down the mountainside, certain things get out of control sometimes, and Covid-19 is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

My former best friend won't accept my friend request

I sent a former classmate of mine a friend request on Facebook a few weeks ago. I am still waiting for him to accept my request.

My friends name is Billy. We were best of buddies in primary school and played a considerable amount of football and soccer together.

However, he took a dislike to me early in secondary school (I was 12 years old). He used to say 'your mother is a prostitute' to me in front of the whole class as I would walk in the door at 9am each morning. He persisted and persisted with this statement until I told my uncle Sean about him. Billy gave up soon after that.

To this day, I still can't work out why Billy fell out with me and took a dislike to me.

Recently, I have been speculating in my mind that it was because I left the Stacks football club and joined Na Gaeil on the other side of town.

Billy, please tell me why you fell out with me and why you don't want to talk to me and accept my friend request.

This issue has haunted me for 30 years of my life at this stage and I want to put it to rest.

Billy also spat at me when we were attending University together. What's up Billy?