Present day draconian practices of psychiatry and the Irish mental health service; the wonderful panacea which is bitcoin

Present day draconian practices of psychiatry and the Irish mental health service; the wonderful panacea which is bitcoin

The problem I have with the Irish Health Service Executive/Kerry Mental Health Services is that they do not seem to be sound or reasonable in their approach to dealing with a patient who disagree with their proposed treatment.

I personally have serious issues with the medication, and, when given the opportunity, usually seek to reduce the dosage by increments. That is because I cannot understand how the HSE in Ireland can get away with the way they are treating the so-called 'mentally ill' and in particular, the so-called mentally ill who refuse to take the medication which has been prescribed by the psychiatrist.

How can they get away with forcing patients to take medication?

Because that is basically what the HSE is doing at the moment in this country.

The criteria for involuntary hospital admission that the mental health service uses are:

  • the patient is mentally ill, or unwell
  • the patient is refusing to take the medication as prescribed by the psychiatrist

If both of those conditions are met, then the patient can be hospitalized, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

But how can a patient be determined to be 'mentally ill or unwell?

If a doctor feels that you are unwell, and that you are not taking your medications, then you will be hospitalized.

At the end of the day, it is only a matter of opinion as to whether you will be hospitalized or not.

I feel quite aggrieved and mistreated by the system that exists today.

Because I have often tried to reduce the dosage and when they find out I am at zero - it's nee, naw, nee, naw, nee, naw...they are on like the hammers of hell to bring me in to hospital.

That should tell you how few rights psychiatric patients have in this part of the world.

If I refuse my medications this evening, and they find out about it, they will be at my doorstep tomorrow morning to forcibly carry me to the psychiatric unit in Tralee.

And I stress the word carry. If I do not consent to going in to hospital, they will lift me up and bring me to hospital involuntarily.

They say with regularity in the media that we have a mental health crisis in this country.

Yes, we have a mental health crisis simply because the HSE does not have enough capacity for all of the so-called mentally ill people in this country.

Wrong. We have a mental health crisis because of the mental health service's approach to mental health.

At the end of the day, we are all human beings.

And we must love and accept one another as we are.

This would be a much better approach instead of the traditional one where we judge and 'evaluate' and 'assess' one another's mental well-being.

The Government and judiciary need to bear this in mind when they are drafting laws that we are obliged to abide by.

For it is unjust and unfair to hospitalize someone simply because they are refusing to take the medication and are deemed to be 'unwell' by the psychiatrist.

Whether a person is 'unwell' or not is only a matter of opinion at the end of the day.

This is quite an urgent matter that needs to be addressed because the future of this country is at stage.

Psychiatry, with it's current practices, will eventually have all of society on some form of medication or another. It will be the end of us all eventually if something isn't done fast.

It's getting out of hand at the moment, as far as I can see.

We need to get a grip and start to love and accept one another, and the responsibility for achieving this rests with our leaders, be they elected (Government) or appointed (judiciary).

I'll finish with a quote from Marius Romme, a dutch psychiatrist, at a seminar I was present at in Dublin in 2015:

At the end of the day, there is no such thing as mental illness

We are basically making mountains out of molehills in this country when it comes to so-called mental illness.

A ray of hope in all of this - bitcoin

Bitcoin could potentially bring about the above-described necessary change in psychiatry.

And I'll tell you how now.

Basically, the way it stands in Ireland as a person diagnosed with schizophrenia, 'you either take the medication, or we'll bring you to the hospital and stick you in the backside with a needle'.

This is totally unacceptable as far as I am concerned and blatant violation of human rights.

A person must at all times have the right to accept or refuse medication.

Bitcoin is potentially a solution, or way out, of my own and other people's predicament here.

Because first and foremost bitcoin has unrivaled integrity when it comes to being money.

But most of all, I do not see a bright future for government were we to adopt bitcoin as our currency.

And without government, there is simply no future for psychiatry.

Because what psychiatry is built upon is government and the rule of law.

Government has only existed since we started using fiat currency as our money. Government controls the money we use today and for the past number of years.

But bitcoin is not something a national or local government can control. And without the power to control money, government is dead.

This will take a while to happen. But bitcoin is growing at a rate of 200% per year, if you do the math on it.

Governments in various countries around the world are trying to eliminate bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

However, these efforts only seem to have the opposite effect and serve to generate interest and curiosity among citizens.

The bottom line with bitcoin is if you want to have a prosperous future, best get some bitcoin fast.

Because it is getting more and more difficult to source bitcoin in quantity. Anything over $100 million is too much for most exchanges around the world.

Bitcoin gives me hope that my present predicament will right itself one way or another, not in the near term but in the medium to long term.

Bitcoin, due to its decentralized, open-source nature, shall prevail over all the problems this world has.

Bitcoin is somewhat of a panacea, a magical cure-all, in my view.