Silver suppression scheme; A Hyperinflationary Hockeystick; Bitcoin development; What is Taproot

Silver suppression scheme; A Hyperinflationary Hockeystick; Bitcoin development; What is Taproot

The scheme in Silver that affects the whole world, but which nobody knows about

I've been following the silver market and investing in silver for quite some time now. And as time goes by, the fundamentals of silver seem to just get stronger and stronger.

To cut to the chase, there is an enormous amount of price manipulation going on in the silver market. This is the reason why silver is so cheap ($26/oz) today. There are approximately 8 banks that are shorting silver and preventing it from being fairly priced by the market. Until recently, JP Morgan was one of them. Then recently JP Morgan was prosecuted for their criminal actions in the silver market and ordered to pay a fine of almost $1 billion.

But silver manipulation continues today, even in light of the criminal prosecution brought against JP Morgan. The banks really feel as though they have no alternative but to short silver using derivatives. For were silver to be fairly priced and valued, nobody would have any faith in the dollar or any other fiat currency (€, £, Yen, etc) and the banks would be out of business in the morning.

Banks throughout the world depend heavily on silver price suppression to stay in business. So when JP Morgan relented in its silver price manipulation, another bank simply stepped in and filled its shoes. JP Morgan since then has been long silver and now has, according to Ted Butler at, approximately 1 billion ounces of silver in its vaults.

From all of my time studying the silver market and watching Bix Weir's videos on youtube about the matter, I have concluded that this criminal scheme of silver price suppression has to end some day. It is impossible to know precisely when the silver scheme will break, only that it has to break some time or another. So your best bet is to buy a little silver with any money you have left over at the end of the month. I have been going 50/50 between silver and crypto for the past few years. My crypto portfolio is growing rapidly but my silver is rather stagnant, unfortunately. But it will be there for whoever is around after me.

It is important to note that this scheme effects silver prices globally, since they are all based on the COMEX silver price.

Hyperinflationary hockeystick

The hyper-inflationary collapse of the US dollar is happening - against Bitcoin. You only need to take a look at the BTCUSD chart to see this.

The hyperinflationary hockeystick is taking shape.

Soon it will be happening against the monetary metals - including silver - and silver will be very difficult to find anywhere at that stage.

Silver is already difficult to find in quantities and all of the major dealers across the globe are reporting silver shortages. The silver price manipulation scheme perpetrated by the banks has to end some time, and from my perspective as a silver stacker, the sooner the better.

Bitcoin Development

I was surfing around on a short while ago and came across this This might offer me an onramp to Bitcoin Development that I have been wondering about for quite some time. It says that the project is a work in progress and not yet ready for use, but it can't hurt to just dive in tomorrow afternoon and start reading.

When I look at the bitcoin codebase on github, and bring up the 'Good first issue' list, I really have no idea of where to start. I am thinking about messaging Vladimir van der Laan on twitter (I came across his twitter account yesterday) and see if he has any advice on how I should proceed.

The problem is that I have zero knowledge of C++ or Python, the two programming languages used by programmers in Bitcoin Core.

What is Taproot?

Taproot is the most significant upgrade to Bitcoin since the Segwit softfork of 2017.

With Taproot, the intention is to improve privacy by making all transactions look the same to outsiders, increase fungibility (interchangibility of coins) and improve functionality of smart contracts.

As part of the Taproot upgrade also comes Schnorr signatures. These involve the aggregation of multiple signatures into one, thus simplifying the Bitcoin protocol and making it more efficient. Schnorr is expected to replace the current ECDSA approach to signature algorithms.

The most significant aspect of Taproot is its promise to make transactions similar so they cannot be recognised by outsiders. A single signature transaction and a multi-signature transaction will look the same under Taproot. This is how Taproot enhances privacy.

At present there is consensus on Taproot, but not on its activation. Taproot is supported by mining pools with over 90% combined hash rate. The debate at present on the bitcoin-dev mailing list is around LOT (LockinOnTimeout) and whether it should be set to TRUE or FALSE. This is to do with Taproot activation rather than Taproot itself.