Why the euro is a fraud

Why the euro is a fraud
The euro is fake and the euro is a fraud

The euro (€) came into circulation in January 2002, and since then it's been the currency du jour in western Europe.

When you hold a euro coin in your hand, you see a color that resembles gold and silver. The operative word here is resembles.

When I was discussing this matter with my brother some time ago, he said "but isn't the euro made of gold and silver, isn't there gold and silver contained in the euro coinage?"

Well, looking at the above image, it certainly does look like gold and silver that's in the euro coinage, but is it actually real gold and silver?

Having a look here  you will see that the composition of the one euro coin is:

Outer part: nickel brass
Inner part: Layers of copper-nickel, nickel, copper-nickel

So the euro is made of copper and nickel.

It should be noted now that these metals are much cheaper and easier to acquire and the real thing - gold and silver.

Gold sells for ~ $1900/oz and silver ~$26/oz.

So my brother's statement that the euro is made of gold and silver is far from the truth.

And his ignorance of the truth is emblematic of the wider population as well. Most Europeans, when they look at the euro coinage, think they are hold real gold and real silver in their hands.

The creators of the euro coins, the European Central Bank, knew that they had to make the euro coinage look like gold and silver in order for Europeans to have faith in the euro.

This is why the euro is basically a fraud. A fraud that will cost many lives in death and destruction eventually, among a potential myriad of other negative outcomes.

Most Europeans are unaware that the euro is not made of gold and silver.

The euro is not made of gold and silver.

It is made of nothing but cheap copper and nickel. Copper can be bought in the open market for a few dollars a pound. Silver is much more expensive, at $26/oz.

To compare apples with apples, lets do the math here.

The price per kilogram of copper is $10.
The price per kilogram of nickel is $20.
The price per kilogram of silver is $819.
The price per kilogram of gold is $58,741.

So basically the creators of the euro, the European Union and European Central Bank, are pulling a fast one on us, the citizens of the European Union.

They are passing fake coinage upon us.

The euro is fake and the euro is nothing more than a fraud.

The creators of the euro knew that their best bet was to make euro coinage look like the gold and silver coins of times gone by, in order for the people to have faith in the euro.

Most people are blissfully unaware that the euro does not contain any gold or silver and that the euro is backed by nothing.

If the general population became aware of this fact there would be uproar and revolt like never before all across Europe.

The problem is that we do not know the names or identities of the people who are behind the scenes pulling the strings.

The truth is that there are people pulling the strings, but their identities change with the passing of time.

I do not believe that there is one individual or group of individuals behind the scenes pulling strings i.e. a grand conspiracy by someone to take control of the entire planet.

There are undoubtedly people who aspire to such power, however they remain at that stage and have not to date actually achieved that aspiration.

Sure, who would say no to controlling the entire planet.

Control the money supply, you control the people, to paraphrase Mayer Amschel Rothschild in the 1800's.

Is was basically a group of bureaucrats at the European Union who came up with the idea of having gold and silver lookalike coins as the coinage of the eurozone, in order for the people to have long lasting faith in the euro.

And this is the only thing that is holding the whole thing together in the European Union at this point.

Nobody is objecting to this fake coinage simply because nobody knows that it is fake.